Sapphire: An alternative to a diamond engagement ring

Sapphire is one of the “precious stones” along with ruby, emerald and diamond, because of it’s value and the fact that it’s one of the most wearable stones. As a little known fact, the word “Sapphire” comes from the Persian word “safir”, meaning the guardian of love. When given as a gift, Sapphires are known to enhance love and tune the gift giver’s heart closely to the gift receiver’s heart. With such a sweet and rich history, we love when we see Sapphires placed in engagement rings. Below we’ve shared a few of our favorites found on Pinterest.

engagement diamond rings screen-shot-2016-09-02-at-9-39-05-am wedding engagement rings

Interested in having a one-of-a-kind engagement ring? Come see us today to dream of all our custom options. We’d love to show you the Sapphires and ring settings we can work with over a bubbly glass of champagne!


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